Stress increases our vulnerability to illness and disease, and can come from multiple external sources such as family, work or financial stress.  However, have you thought of the stresses that affect us on an unconscious or cellular level each time we are exposed to a toxin, pathogen, poor diet or allergen?  These "hidden" stressors can affect our nutritional status, weight, energy level, pain, and accelerate the aging process.

Biofeedback, also called Electrophysiological Response (EPR) biofeedback, is a state-of-the-art technology that helps with reducing emotional and physical stress, alleviating or reducing pain, and retraining muscles in the body.  The client is connected to a biofeedback device with sensors that send and receive information to areas of the body that are showing physical and emotional stress.  The information received helps the practitioner to educate the client as to what specific areas of the mind/body are in most need of stress reduction, rebalancing or re-education.  Although biofeedback is non-invasive and gentle, this powerful stress management system allows relaxation and increases the body’s ability to heal itself.  Multiple sessions are required for long term results.  Adults, children and pets can benefit from this technology.  We are currently not accepting clients with a known or suspected seizure disorder, pacemaker or defibrillator, or who are pregnant.

Benefits of Biofeedback may include:

·       Reduces physical and emotional stress

·       Retrains muscle affected by an injury or inactivity

·       Reduces acute or chronic pain

·       Increases mental clarity

·       Produces a sense of well-being or feeling “lighter”

·       Experience a deep state of relaxation

·       Energizes

·       Improves physical performance

Biofeedback Rates


Initial Session.............$95

Subsequent Visits.........$80




Subsequent Visits........$95

*All pets are done at the owner’s home and must remain in a contained environment during the session.

Package Deals** (at office)

5 Sessions.................$350

**Package deals must be prepaid. Sessions may be split between family members, if desired. Prepaid sessions must be used within one year.


DISCLAIMER:  The SCIO Device is for biofeedback, and is designed for stress reduction, muscle re-education and pain management methods only. The SCIO does not diagnose. Only a licensed physician can diagnose a patient.