The biofeedback is amazing! It has corrected so many concerns in my body from numbness on my right side from a car wreck in 2009 to helping me feel more balanced with my hormones. The benefits from the sessions far out weigh the cost...So thankful for the biofeedback and its portability, so Chrissy Brand can bring it to North East Montana and offer this cutting edge technology to me and several others in a rural area.  B.N.

 I feel wonderful about having Chrissy give me biofeedback. She is knowledgeable, thorough and patient. I look forward to my next treatment!  V.B.

Since she was a puppy, I have been investing in my 11-year-old black Lab's old age by providing an excellent diet, active exercise, interesting activities, meaningful work, frequent swims, and support therapies like monthly chiropractic adjustments and monthly massages. Now, thanks to Chrissy Brand, Chloe receives regular SCIO Biofeedback, and so do my husband's Cairn Terrier and our red tabby cat. The information that the sessions provide is always interesting, and Chrissy's work has hastened their recovery from illness, accidents, and surgery. I'm pleased to recommend BioLife Wellness Technologies and its biofeedback services for all types of animals.

-- CJ Puotinen, author of The Encyclopedia of Natural Pet Care (McGraw-Hill)

We have a 7-year-old Springer Spaniel that had surgery on his knee. After 6 weeks of rest and not climbing stairs, we were able to start taking him for walks. We did biofeedback at the beginning when we were able to start exercising him. I believe that biofeedback gave him an extra jump start and he progressed very fast. His follow-up visits with the vet were good. At one point about 5 months after he had surgery, he started to limp. I did biofeedback again and within days he was not limping any more. I believe biofeedback helped keep him on track and he is doing excellent now. If he starts having any trouble I would do biofeedback again.   C.S.


 I just have to give a shout out to Chrissy Brand and her wonderful Biofeedback technology.  I recently received a series of sessions to address certain problems I’d been experiencing.  Since having the sessions, I have had so much improvement.  Also, although I did not specifically come for this, I had some bladder symptoms for 3 or 4 years. Over the course of my sessions, those symptoms completely disappeared and have not returned!  Other symptoms she worked on were chronic pain and reducing stress.  Throughout the sessions, Chrissy encouraged me to exercise and eat right in order to better manage stress.  I wholeheartedly recommend BioLife Wellness Technologies! FG